Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Zipper Pouch Project

I think the only thing worse to me than having to go shopping for a new handbag is when the bra style you've worn for 20 years gets discontinued.  So... when baby sister gave me a new handbag for my birthday, I was excited.  Going from a tote style handbag with six interior pockets and an exterior pocket...  I needed to ponder on how I was going to organize stuff so it wouldn't be in one big jumble at the bottom.

I used batiks left over from other quilty projects but had to purchase a purple zipper to go with it.  Could have used another color but hey!  I like purple!

I weeded through everything in my tote since I won't need as much stuff as I did when I was working.  That will lighten the weight of what I need to carry everyday.

The zipper pouch (made from a tutorial by Noodlehead (link) that I used in past), the hardest part was figuring out how to shape a pocket to hold my inhaler.  The pouch is approximately 4.5" tall, 10" across at the top, and 3" deep at the bottom.

Since every store requires a "store card" to get sale prices these days, I hand-stitched a hook thingie to the seam on one side.  This way, I don't have to do a major search for those all the time.

I'm sure I'll need to shuffle stuff around as I become adjusted to a new handbag.  But ain't it cute???  Just 'cause I'm old, don't mean I am an old fuddy-duddy!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

12 Mini Blocks and Other Progress

Making the mini blocks is just enough to keep me happy as I continue to work on projects around the house.  I may have gotten a bit too interested in making the mini blocks to the detriment of other projects.  And, while sorting fabrics mini-blocks around, ended up with one "lost."  

I had to go back through several piles of sorted fabrics to locate it eventually but not before I made a second one because I thought it was lost forever.  I also goofed up with a broken dishes block where I didn't pay close enough attention to the placement of the half-square triangles and ended up with another pinwheel block.   But that's okay because I am NOT cutting 180 - 1 1/8th" squares and making five 6-patch blocks (link).  Not happening!

I want to end up with 16 mini blocks and, after going thru all the historic/1800s fabrics... I will use what I have on hand rather than shopping for sashing fabric.   I am making progress on emptying the two tables but it's slow... everything has to be sorted and put away in an organized manner so I can find it again.  This table was piled at least a foot high with fabrics, batting, sewing stuff, etc. that needed sorting.... hope to get it finished this weekend.

I also finished the hat for a friend in Texas who has just finished with chemo but still has radiation therapy going on.  I liked how the flower and leaves turned out... that's one pattern I will definitely use again!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Two Mini Blocks

I have been industrious and can now see the tops of both tables that were piled with miscellaneous sewing-related stuff that needed to be organized and put away.  Amazing how much stuff one accumulates...  I won't ever need to buy fabric again...   *lol*

The blocks are 4" square and this mini-piecing requires a lot of squaring up be done.  I supposed the half-square triangles that finish at 1" would really be too small to do without squaring up and cutting down.  It was an adventure to be sure.   

I took two photos... one with flash and one without.  It's gray and the light is poor since has been raining here this afternoon...  while we all keep watch on H. Irma.  (I'm located about where the "m" in "storm" on the 2nd line of the note at the top.)